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Money Blocks
Codependency Issues
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Fears of Success
Fears of Failure
Fears of Visibility
Mindset for Sustainable Weight Loss
Fears of Starting Your Own Business
Fears of Running a Higher Level Business
Get Clear on Your Purpose in Life

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Kat Feeney

"When Molly gets in your head, she really gets in your head! She is the mindset queen, and I didn't even really understand why I'd need a mindset coach when I sent her money through PayPal. Until everything started to make sense to me. The blocks I didn't even know I had.

The transformation really came when I realized that I didn't have to fit inside this pretty little box I was struggling to stay inside of. I was trying to be this perfect little nutritionist - when I was (am) so much more! And that's when life began to have more meaning for me. When I met Molly, I was this girl who hid her opinions, and tried to fit in and do everything the RIGHT way. Now I do shit my way, on my terms, and I finally have a voice, a powerful voice - that I never ever in a million years thought I would find.

The investment was nothing compared to the changes that I have seen in my life - relationships - business - writing - all of it"

LIVE Workshops that Drive Results

Michelle Barr

"Get LIVE with Molly! She's helped me dig into my deepest core issues with a clear focus on exactly what I need to work on."

Melody Stevens

"My 3-day Bootcamp with Molly has been the most incredible experience I've ever invested in for myself."

Jen Vera

"These past 2 days I feel like I've done a years worth of mindset work - just really digging into what's going on and what are my blocks."

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