Cheerio Darling And $20K Week

I’m currently on a plane in the middle of the ocean.

I’ve had a glass of Prosecco.

Can you blame me?

Me either.

So I’m doing this FREE challenge called “5 Ways To Manifest Consistent $20K Months.”

And I gotta say, my FREE content is deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

Like it’s not your average

“Your beliefs create your reality…”

“Be in the end result.”

No, my free content is more like,

“If you are having trouble being in the end result. Then you are resistant to having the end result because there is some part of you that doesn’t want it on an unconscious level. Maybe having it represents you having to take more responsibility or basically give up a part of yourself and your identity. Maybe it represents you having to admit such painful moments that you just can’t bring yourself to allow yourself to be in the end result because you’re smart enough to know that if you did put yourself in the end result…you would get the end results and that scares you deeply. And that’s perfectly understandable…and here’s why….”

A little different.  honestly.

And I get basic mindset stuff is like eye rolling worth material, totally get it.

One of my favorite clients said to me recently, “I’m so thankful you actually don’t do basic mindset work in your free content it’s always super advanced”

So if you are out there in Facebook land or Instagram land or any other type of social media land and you are looking for the following…

-a chick who is super fun

-a chick who can totally change your world of the way you think

-a chick who is tough but tender

-a chick who will make you laugh til your sides hurt

-a chick who you might fear a little because of how well she knows your excuses

Then maybe God, universe, whatever you want to call it wants you to click the link below to check in on my challenge…

It start July 9th at 11:30am CDT.

I’ve been known to bring the game to my free content…

I guess I’m thinking about the fact that I might be boosting this post….

And if some random woman or women stumble upon it and you are my new people I want to say this to you…

I’m in the middle of the ocean in a plane flying back to the mainland with real air conditioning.

I’m random. I’m not polished and definitely not what you would call politically correct.

Although I don’t really know what that actually means…I’m blonde.

I make my clients cry and myself cry with the transformations that happen on a day-to-day basis.

I want you to know that God the universe or whatever you want to call it. Wants you to find what you need to heal/transform to your highest dreams.

And you might want to take the nudge to come check out my content…

and pour yourself some champagne…

Period the end.

Be a finder.  Not a seeker.


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Molly Sapp


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