EFT the Molly Sapp Way!

WELCOME! EFT otherwise known as Emotional Freedom Technique is a healing modality (basically it’s something you can do to “tap” into your subconscious (it’s also nicknamed tapping, probably because of that…) Your subconscious controls 90% of your reality and alot of times you don’t know what is in your subscious, your subconscious holds your thoughts, memories, behaviors, etc. And so EFT is a healing modality that people use to change their subconscious beliefs, to heal all sorts of things. For my clients and what I teach, it’s usually about beliefs, behaviors and transformational purposes mentally, physically, and emotionally. It’s basically like acupuncture but using her hands. There are tapping points (put a picture of the tapping points or a link to tapping points if you can) And you just simply tap on the points on your body. It activates meridian points in your nervous system that calms down the fight or flight reflex so you feel safe to process transformation and beliefs and physical ailments and other such things. The greatest part about this technique is, it’s easy, it goes deep, and people get insane results from it. Mind blowing results.

Journaling with Molly Series

My mission is about helping people go from being a “spiritual seeker” to a “spiritual finder” What the hell does that mean if you don’t know? Well basically I spent decades studying personal development, law of attraction, the Bible….and getting nowhere. In the midst of all of my seeking, hating myself because I wasn’t finding answers… I remember the moment I sat myself down on the airport floor flying from NYC to Brazil.. I decided I found the answer to what was going to take me from being a seeker to being a finder. I didn’t really understand the concept of this until after perfecting this journaling process. First. it was stream of consciousness journaling that created the therapeutic feeling of being able to get out my thoughts and dreams onto something other than my bleeding soul. Dramatic? Yea, no kidding. “This is about FINDING what I wanted in my life...it’s not about actually writing…” In a short period, I was able to end an eating disorder out of the blue with only words. Then created other techniques that helped me out of deep, dark, despair and depression… Produced my methodology that created about $17MM in results for the clients I served in less than 3 years. And even generated the outline of my online business, that took me to my first five figure month that then led me to a very successful business. Al these techniques are here in this course. This course is pure gold.

Manifesting Booklet: A Workbook to Start the Beginning Phases of Manifesting

Why is journaling like the absolute MUST go to mindset tool in order to break through anything mindset related? Why is journaling the most lucrative mindset tool you could possibly imagine? Discover the tools to journaling your way to transformation!

Molly's Digital Bootcamp

The method to my madness are based off three things: what your past, present, and future beliefs are. What your past, present, and future behaviors are, and what your transformational past, present, and future patterns are… And yes, I’m saying “future” because if you are here, reading this and you want to become someone who finds the answers to why you aren’t getting the dream life you want and why you’re not manifesting the things you want. You have to create a future self NOW and you have to know these patterns, so you can understand how you transform yourself and your life at large. The biggest reason I see people stuck….is because of their transformational patterns. I spent a long time staying stuck, there would be short periods between years that I would get massive shifts...and I would wait years for that opportunity to present itself again. After a while I came to the revelation that I was in a certain transformational pattern, I was able to skyrocket my life. I see this with many clients, they are either super driven, super adamant about standing in their power or they are scared to death or change, scared to death of getting out of victim mode Which one are you… And why do all these categories have equal ability to transform into what they want…. Because it’s a pattern. But the pattern must be broken. And depending on your beliefs; past, present, and future...that will depend on how FAST you manifest what you want. So with that in mind… If you want to get out of your sabotaging patterns. If you want to get out of the same Groundhog Day routine of life… Then you need this course.