EFT the Molly Sapp Way!

WELCOME! EFT otherwise known as Emotional Freedom Technique is a healing modality (basically it’s something you can do to “tap” into your subconscious (it’s also nicknamed tapping, probably because of that…) Your subconscious controls 90% of your reality and alot of times you don’t know what is in your subscious, your subconscious holds your thoughts, memories, behaviors, etc. And so EFT is a healing modality that people use to change their subconscious beliefs, to heal all sorts of things. For my clients and what I teach, it’s usually about beliefs, behaviors and transformational purposes mentally, physically, and emotionally. It’s basically like acupuncture but using her hands. There are tapping points (put a picture of the tapping points or a link to tapping points if you can) And you just simply tap on the points on your body. It activates meridian points in your nervous system that calms down the fight or flight reflex so you feel safe to process transformation and beliefs and physical ailments and other such things. The greatest part about this technique is, it’s easy, it goes deep, and people get insane results from it. Mind blowing results.

Molly Sapp

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