Journaling with Molly Series

My mission is about helping people go from being a “spiritual seeker” to a “spiritual finder” What the hell does that mean if you don’t know? Well basically I spent decades studying personal development, law of attraction, the Bible….and getting nowhere. In the midst of all of my seeking, hating myself because I wasn’t finding answers… I remember the moment I sat myself down on the airport floor flying from NYC to Brazil.. I decided I found the answer to what was going to take me from being a seeker to being a finder. I didn’t really understand the concept of this until after perfecting this journaling process. First. it was stream of consciousness journaling that created the therapeutic feeling of being able to get out my thoughts and dreams onto something other than my bleeding soul. Dramatic? Yea, no kidding. “This is about FINDING what I wanted in my’s not about actually writing…” In a short period, I was able to end an eating disorder out of the blue with only words. Then created other techniques that helped me out of deep, dark, despair and depression… Produced my methodology that created about $17MM in results for the clients I served in less than 3 years. And even generated the outline of my online business, that took me to my first five figure month that then led me to a very successful business. Al these techniques are here in this course. This course is pure gold.

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