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The method to my madness are based off three things: what your past, present, and future beliefs are. What your past, present, and future behaviors are, and what your transformational past, present, and future patterns are… And yes, I’m saying “future” because if you are here, reading this and you want to become someone who finds the answers to why you aren’t getting the dream life you want and why you’re not manifesting the things you want. You have to create a future self NOW and you have to know these patterns, so you can understand how you transform yourself and your life at large. The biggest reason I see people stuck….is because of their transformational patterns. I spent a long time staying stuck, there would be short periods between years that I would get massive shifts...and I would wait years for that opportunity to present itself again. After a while I came to the revelation that I was in a certain transformational pattern, I was able to skyrocket my life. I see this with many clients, they are either super driven, super adamant about standing in their power or they are scared to death or change, scared to death of getting out of victim mode Which one are you… And why do all these categories have equal ability to transform into what they want…. Because it’s a pattern. But the pattern must be broken. And depending on your beliefs; past, present, and future...that will depend on how FAST you manifest what you want. So with that in mind… If you want to get out of your sabotaging patterns. If you want to get out of the same Groundhog Day routine of life… Then you need this course.

Molly Sapp

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