Don’t Judge Me

Before I write this, don’t judge…

I’ve been binge watching the Bachelor and the Bachelorette over the past week and I have found some

fascinating things..

My mom and I were talking about how dramatic and CRAZY the show is and how ridiculous it has

become the other day when we were getting my Christmas tree…

She said, “We would be the CRAZY ones…” and I said, “It wouldn’t take much to be one of the

CRAZY ones…I think that being in those kinds of situations can bring out the CRAZY in people…” 

Obviously there are characters who go to extremes and do stuff for attention and to get their 15 minutes

of fame even if it is negative…

I have coached hundreds of women over the past few years and one of the biggest fears is VISIBILITY…

What I have learned through the years of having to get on social media and be vulnerable on a day to

day basis is that…people in general like to know that they aren’t alone in their “CRAZINESS” 

Some of the bravest ones are just liberated from feeling the need to be perfectly put together online or

on reality tv or whatever….

Some of the CRAZIEST ones think that they need to be perfectly positioned (or don’t get anyone to pay

attention to them…

And then there are others that don’t believe that they are interesting enough with or without the attention

CRAZY grabbing vibe that people put out that automatically grabs people’s attention. 

I’ve been in both places. 

You aren’t boring if you don’t know what to say. 

You aren’t uninteresting if you aren’t sure if your content is valuable. 

You’re not ordinary because you think you’re saying the same thing that a far more outlandish person is

saying…You’re just as much if not MORE interesting. 

I watched this other show on Netflix last night, I can’t remember the name of it…it’s Michael Douglas’s

new show…about acting. 

There’s a scene in his acting class (Douglas plays an acting teacher..) where his best friend comes into

his class after losing his wife and Douglas is talking about life in a semi non dramatic way and his best

friend comes in and says the reality of life. 

It hurts. 

It doesn’t get better. 

It hurts. 

The students started clapping loudly…

Because he was being truthful in his moment. If he hadn’t have just lost his wife, he would have said

something different. But it was more interesting because he was truthful. He expressed himself. 

So you out there…fearful of thinking that you are boring…

You can’t stand out…

Be in the moment of your fear and put yourself out there….

Because that is the real you RIGHT NOW…

And that will pass…

And then you’ll become something different…

And with time, you’ll find the vibe you are in your message to the world….

And it will get easier and easier….

That’s all. 

If you haven’t heard, I announced yesterday that I was thinking about doing a LIVE event. 

I had three people reach out to me and so I’m going to message them and figure out what dates they

would be interested in…I’m thinking mid to late January maybe February as well…..

It’s basically two full days with me for $997…that’s like $500/day for several hours of one-on-one

coaching in a group setting…I got a few messages telling me it’s a no brainer…all I’m wanting to do is

make it easy for people to come if they want to…

So here are some of the results that come from working with me at LIVE events…

– $20k sales in cash within three days of returning home

– Went on to do $200k/year that year and said that Live event was one of the biggest reasons

– Found out what they really wanted to do

– Moved to Peru and started their own business

– Went on to do $300k launch

– $30k month

– Consistent $15k months and growing…

– $200k sale days (more than one person…)

– Had their first $20k month

Not to mention my in-person intensives…

Results have included:

– Deciding to hit their first million dollar year and doing so

– Deciding to land their very first client and doing so

– Deciding to burn down their business that they hated and booked their first $10k client

– Decided to start acting like a high level earner and is now doing multiple six figures

– Decided to hit $20k months and did so shortly after…

– Got to the Top of their network marketing company within that year

All of these happened within the year of attending one of my LIVE events…

No more than ten people. 

Want to get in on this, have any questions…let me know.  

Be a finder. Not a seeker.


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Molly Sapp


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Before I write this, don’t judge… I’ve been binge watching the Bachelor and the Bachelorette over the past week and I have found some…