Drunk On Margaritas And God

So well….


I’m kinda tipsy


If I’m being totally honest with you


I had a mango margarita from this place down the street that has surprisingly stroooooooong margaritas…


You know when you feel led to do something.


And you don’t do it.


Or maybe  you do it.


And it doesn’t go the way you planned.


Well what do you think happened?


What do you think was going on?


Do you think that your intuition was doing this?


Do you think that this was what you were actually supposed to do?


Does this affect the way you connect to God?


Does this affect how you connect to your intuition?  


I want to know your thoughts…


P.S. my money bootcamp starts August 15th. Message me if you want more details.


Be a finder. Not a seeker.



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Molly Sapp


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