Happy Easter Everyone…

So here’s the deal…I have been quiet lately as many of you have said to me and that’s because I have been massively taking some deep time to myself to learn things and grow and quite honestly…

Everyone would say to me, “I can’t believe you can just come out with something to say day in and day out everyday…” and I knew there was going to come a time when I was done speaking and needed to take some time to figure out what else to say…and here we are.

And now after several months of deep introspection and time to do some deep mindset work at a new level…I have talked about this but I’m really at this point…

I am closing down my website…Don’t worry I am going to keep coaching…


And there is a whole new realm of content that is coming…

Literally very excited to share it with you…

Like hundreds of hours worth of things to talk about…crazy how this stuff never ends.

“The wise man knows he knows nothing…” some proverb that is out there, I don’t know if that’s it exactly but there you go.

But first…I want to give a special sale before it is done…

And yes you will have access to everything.

And yes you who have already purchased will have access as well

We are putting everything on a special thing so that you can have access to it…so it’s yours.


And here are the courses for you…

From me.

Starting today.

FYI…I’ll probably keep this list of descriptions on these emails so you can look at them possibly…


So the membership site….

Ah yes the membership site…this has like, from what one of the girls who purchased this, she said there were over 1k journaling questions throughout the website…I don’t know if that is true but there are over 70 plus videos of content that I created over the past few years, filled with the kind of content that I should have charged for and some of it I did…alot of it I did. There is also journaling questions and things of that nature. Basically it’s a treasure trove of all the content that helped people make thousands of dollars…

The content I created that is in this membership site helped people manifest:

-$40k months (without coaching with me directly, just from a livestream…)

-Going viral THAT afternoon from one of my livestreams (like 127k views)

-manifesting random checks here and there that were anywhere from $500 to $29k

-leaving abusive relationships

-Healing marriages

-getting surprise tax refunds for like $15k

And the list goes on and on…

Really honestly, if you have ever had an interest in any content I have created…here you go!!!

The EFT course —tapping is a really powerful technique that you need in your back pocket that can show you how to manifest and get you aligned for what you want.

EFT is like the classic way to manifest.

Want to manifest anything in your life?

Want to know how to work through your blocks?

Want your first clients?

Want to drop weight without trying?

If you have manifested some things and you are trying to figure out why you are not manifesting more stuff, THIS is a really great tool to use to manifest stuff.

This was the tool I went to when I had manifested a bunch of things, boyfriend, 30lbs weight loss, 12 short films, 4 plays, and SAG eligible card, 3 commercials in less than a year and was trying to manifest more things and the technIques I had been using were not working, nothing was sticking and EFT was what helped me manifest finding the next biggest love story of my life that helped me also manifest a half a million dollar a year business…helping hundreds of women get serious massive results.

There’s always going to be a moment when you hit this moment where you think you can’t go any further and EFT can really take you through that “plateau” really fast.

Not to mention celebrities have been spotted doing it on televisions shows even, Jackie on Roseanne, when they won the lottery, last season…and Whoopi Goldberg on some video or something and Gabrielle Bernstein has a “tapping practice”…

It’s been known to eliminate chronic pain amongst anything else.

Definitely helped me overcome a massive fear of public speaking where I would normally shake so bad I couldn’t figure out what to say…

Helped me find the REAL root to consistently losing weight and gaining weight and losing weight and gaining weight.

Recommended by pretty much any psycho therapist and coach out there…

I created this course for people because after working for 6 months, tapping 5 to 10 hours a day, and getting crazy negative results (meaning everything negative was popping up to the surface because it was revealing what I needed to clear…) instead, I figured out this way of tapping that literally created my half a million dollar a year business…

So I wanted to create a course where people could see exactly what type of mindset work I did so they could do it too…this course I did that led to my first $60k CASH month and this was the only mindset work I did.

So I mean…I don’t know why ANYONE wouldn’t want this…


I had two clients, one as a one on one client who is notorious for hitting goals, get $200k behind her goal for a launch because she decided to tap the way that you do on youtube…I asked her what was going on because her numbers were not lined up with what she was aiming to do and we figured out she wasn’t doing the tapping the way I told her to…once she went back to my way…she hit her goal!!! So there’s that.

As well as someone who came to one of my bootcamps, and asked me a couple of times about her doing the type of tapping from youtube and I said, I recommend my way and then finally after the third time of telling me she felt “led” to do it the youtube way…I said, “please do what feels right to you…”

She attracted a lawsuit, her parents getting incredibly angry at her, getting sick and couldn’t work for weeks…she said it was really clearing but it was hell to go through…

Two similiar experiences like mine…so that’s one of the biggest reasons I created this course.

I wanted to make sure that people who wanted to have a classic mindset tool had the right way of using it to create crazy sexy results. So there’s that.

The journaling course —I use these techniques over and over and over again and it’s what has made me over a million dollars over the past few years…CASH RECEIVED and it’s just the best shit ever, I should charge a $1k for this..I literally wanted to not sell it because of how powerful it was

The money mindset bootcamp. -same thing, I was looking at manifesting more money and was looking at what I was going through to manifest some money and this is EXACTLY what I do…

Pretty much I created this because the results that clients were getting working with me projected like an extra $17MM in revenue (that was the last time I was counting, I know there is more…that was over a year and a half ago…)

But that is the EXACT rhythm that I go through with helping people manifest money…so there’s that.

I have seen a number of clients come to me after struggling for years, decades even and missing the missing link which usually and almost always is one of the sections of this course.

So there’s that.

The digital bootcamp -this is the classic way to manifest…it’s the formula, couldn’t be more impressed with it. Seriously.

This course, I was ready to throw this course out and after I stopped doing it live I felt that it was not necessarily the best fit for people but literally I went through it and was like, holy moly…

This is the best thing I have seen on the market in terms of manifesting. Again, exactly the things I take my clients through in terms of manifesting. With those crazy results…

And it’s impeccable to understand the concepts of manifesting ANYTHING you want in general.

It’s incredibly important if you want to be exceptional at manifesting anything you want to learn these principles where it literally becomes robotic to you so that you can move to creating bigger and bigger things in your life.

Coaching program-this is genius, like being able to get standing ovations from other really powerful mindset coaches and help people get serious results and shit like that…this is it. Another program I’m still like what the fuck did I not charge more for this.

This was created because it was something I knew I was going to do since I watched The First Wives Club…I knew I was going to teach women to coach other women…I ran this and it was so in depth that I was amazed at how powerful it was.

Learning and understanding how to coach is incredibly important if you want to have a coaching career, and it’s VITAL to BELIEVE in your coaching skills if you want to be able to SELL and make lots of money…

This was one of the biggest issues I would see women come to me about selling their coaching services because they were not believing in their ability to coach women and help them get results. So that’s why I created this because there were so many women getting crazy amazing results from my coaching.

This course is not the standard “oh let me certify you…” it’s mainly…like here are the keys to helping people get results. And if you want to KNOW THAT YOU KNOW how to get people results…this is it.

There were a number of girls who signed up to go through the course just to be able to understand how to manifest for themselves on much deeper ways because basically it’s teaching you how to help others manifest, well you can take those principles and help yourself manifest what you want…so there’s that.

You’re going to get to a place where you want to manifest more things and you’re going to be stuck because a number of people hit plateaus…they just do, you can decide not to be one of those people but most of people do whether they want to admit it or not…YOU DETERMINE HOW LONG YOU ARE THERE.

With this course…you’ll probably stop that plateau from even happening…so there’s that.

If you want to continue to have monstrous results…then this is the course especially if you are a coach or looking to be a coach or improve your coaching skills…that’s that.

The booklet -something classic when I was wondering what to create and sell for a small product that would make my first sales, clever, honest and heartfelt and something people could really use

This was created just to give a person a dose of how to go about getting into their mindset. Really it’s a quick understanding for those that are like, “What’s this whole manifesting and journaling thing about…what do I do, how do i do it, how does it get you to see what is going on with you, how does it help you?”

It was my first product that I made and I gave it to one of my first clients and she said a year later, I had forgotten about it, I didn’t put it on the market and I asked her if she still had it and low and behold she said she still used it because of how helpful it was and how amazing the results were from using it.

P.s. there are alot of areas for you to fill out your answers and it was a very low cost product so if you’re looking for really in depth journaling lessons…my journaling series course is what I would say should be priced at $1k which another client went through and said the same thing…so that’s a little tid bit of information for you there.

All of them for $297


And for those who purchase…

I’m offering a one off one hour call with me for $197.

Message me for that link…




-no refunds

-works around my schuedule

-you can purchase up to 3 but must be used within 90 days of purchase

Be a finder. Not a seeker.