God Works In Mysterious Ways.

God works in mysterious ways.


I had something happen in my family about eight months ago that didn’t make sense.


And as a mindset coach I always tend to look at.


Why did I attract this?


What lessons am I learning from this?


What is the universe trying to tell me is my vibration?


Of course, when something happens we tend to blame ourselves for it.


Because at that point we can at least blame ourselves.


And feel some sort of control.


I called my mom earlier today and asked her to help me work something out in my head.


I realized I had been blaming myself for the situation that happened.


And she said,


“How do I put this in a nice way?”


I took over and said,


“That it is a pretty narcissistic thing to think that I was responsible for something that happened to someone else…”


She said, “Yea, actually that’s impressive that you admitted it, that’s huge.  But yea, it’s giving you way too much power…”


There are certain things about the law of attraction that I think are kinda bullshit sometimes.


And this is one of those incidences.


I don’t know why it happened.


I’ll talk about it later one day.


But it happened to someone else.


And as an empath, as someone who cares about people deeply…


I thought it was my fault because of my mindset in some way…


My mom asked me, “Did you learn anything from this?  I mean, is it possible that God didn’t cause this, but allowed it to happen so that we could all get something out of it?”


I said, “Yea..”


She said “Okay well I think we both have had shitty examples of male role models so we go to think that God is punishing us when something bad happens, instead since you learned something from it, think of it as God loving you and teaching you something…”


What did I learn?


I learned that vanity isn’t the most important thing in the world.


I learned not to judge.  


I learned to have more compassion for others.


I learned to never assume I know what someone else is going through…


I learned to always think before I assume someone is out to manipulate or harm me…


I learned to allow others to be there for me…


I learned that I didn’t have to be perfect in front of my clients and they would still adore me and respect me…


I learned that just because something happens that’s supposedly bad or traumatic doesn’t mean I’m a bad manifestor or that I caused it to happen…


Sometimes things happen that are outside of our ability to understand.


Yes I still believe that we have it in the back of our subconscious…


And yes, I believe we can change things…


But I also believe that sometimes we know that something supposedly bad is going to happen to lead us to something greater that we can’t understand…


And how does that play into mindset work?


I’m doing this course in the coaching certification course and the money bootcamp called, “The breakdown before the breakthrough”


And basically I’m explaining how to get out of up down up down cycles of trauma when trying to reach a breakthrough…


I think I learned that God works in mysterious ways and to keep believing and to dive deeper into believing because what happened just seemed too strong to not change the people involved.


It changed me.


I’m still processing how it did change me.


I learned alot about forgiveness.


I learned to trust God more weirdly…


I learned that things might punch us in the gut so we stop worrying about our own drama and instead….deal with reality.


The lesson here is:  Don’t assume that everything you attract is your fault.  Don’t assume that there’s something wrong with you for what happens in life around you.  Don’t assume anything. Don’t assume you know why things happen. Don’t assume that you are blocked or not blocked about something.  


Stop assuming.  


More importantly…as of today…


The biggest lesson I can take away from this is this:


To stop holding myself responsible for other’s outcomes.


No matter how traumatic it is for the person.  


I preach this alot


In the midst of trauma


We might not recognize that we are blaming ourselves for situations…


Instead look within.


Let go of any guilt shame or punishment.


And trust that what happens around you is for your highest good.


But for the love of God don’t use that as a reason to stop doing mindset work.


Or to stop looking at what you attract as feedback…


I’m not saying everything isn’t your fault…


I’m saying it’s not all black and white.


And more importantly…


I learned to stop being so hard on myself.


So you need to do so as well.


My Money Bootcamp starts Wednesday.  


It will include all the money mindset stuff.


Social media stuff.


Message me for a spot.


This is the last time I’m running this bootcamp, this way, for this price.  With all that is included.


If you aren’t following me on twitter, linkedin, instagram, pinterest…follow me at mollysapplive.


Be a finder.  Not a seeker.



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