How To Form Positive Beliefs

I’ve been learning a lot about installing positive beliefs as quickly as possible and I want to leave you with a few things here.


  1. You need to know what you REALLY BELIEVE about installing positive beliefs.


For example: if you think that it’s not possible somewhere in the back of your mind…you won’t allow the new beliefs to come through


If you think that positive beliefs make you feel stupid and like pollyanna…you’re not going to install new positive beliefs


  1.  You need to REALLY KNOW what will manifest from installing positive beliefs


For example:  if you are establishing new beliefs, then you are going to want to have proof that it is working, but if you think you can just say some new beliefs and affirmations and then go about your day thinking in the old former ways…and things will change you’re out of your mind.


  1.  You need to REALLY KNOW what is the payoff to holding onto the old beliefs.


For example: you can learn how to manifest easily without changing your beliefs…it’s called proving you can do something or have something.  


However, if you were to form positive beliefs, that means letting go of that proving energy and that subconsciously can make you feel as though you are letting go of your ability to feel powerful and that they are right about you.  


Staying in the proving energy will keep you stuck and stuck and stuck and will keep you in a state of never being able to truly grow into the person you have always wanted to be.  


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Be a finder.  Not a seeker.



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Molly Sapp


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