got here a couple of days ago.

And I made out with this 25-year-old.

Who was really hot.

I just got an 80-minute massage by the ocean.

That felt like it lasted twenty minutes.

And topped it off with drinks by the pool with a friend.

Now I’m literally yawning my ass off because…

Well, I’m exhausted.

And it’s not even 8:30 pm here.

I titled this I do not want to relax.

Because there are so many of us; including me.

That have problems relaxing.

That’s why I make it so important, vitally important, to relax.

I have a client here with me who I am personally teaching her how to relax.

I’m showing her how uncomfortable it is to just completely relax.

How it takes me a few days to fully surrender to just being relaxed.

My mojito by the pool was good.

I started thinking about business this afternoon and I just couldn’t.

I wanted to write an email.

To basically speak to those who are all.

“I can’t have a thriving business and go do what I want to do…”

Yes, you can, the truth is this:

I got up this morning at 4:30 am because it’s Hawaiian time.

I went to bed at like 8 pm last night so I was bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning at 4:30 am…

I got done with calls at one in the afternoon.

Went into town and got some groceries.

Saw some really hot surfer guys.

And some amazing women’s bodies who Brazilian bikinis I wanted.

Along with how cute their asses were.

Came back to my condo.

Add in I spent about 15 minutes writing an email.

And another 30 minutes doing a live stream all before 1pm…

Anyways, back to me coming home from the grocery store.

Remembering the times my mom and I would rent a condo at the beach.

And now I am in Hawaii for the second time in less than six months

I will admit this…
Being at the airport in Honolulu so quickly after I had been here was pretty surreal.

It was like, holy shit I’m like visiting HAWAII so soon that it feels like home almost…

This is bizarre.

Damn my life kicks ass.

And so then I went to the resort and ate chicken fingers that were the best god damned chicken fingers I’ve had in years.

Drinking an umbrella drink as my mom likes to call it in honor of her.

It was a pina colada they call it a lava flow.

No, I’m not on the big island.

I’m on the north shore of Oahu.

Went to the spa.

Laid there watching the waves falling asleep waiting for my massage.

Had the massage.

Went to the bar had another drink with my client.

We chatted for 30 minutes about business.

And then I walked back to the condo texting this other cute guy I met here as well…

And no, I’m not sleeping with every guy I talk to.
I’m a lady.

So anyways…

I was telling my client about how on edge I’ve been over the past day or so.

And I was like this the first time I got here.

It’s resistance in its purest form.

It basically shows up as just tense energy.

Like, I need to be doing something.

It’s the resistance to just surrendering and giving into the flow of what is supposed to happen.


Trusting in God.

Trusting that all is well.

Trusting that life is for me and not against me.

I think we all understand that we have those moments of resistance.

So what do we do about it?

Well, what do I do about it when I’m in this situation…

Well, I went and got a massage.

And now I’m going to send this email off to my list.

I did the live stream that was about how to attract your first ten one-on-one clients.

You need to check out that live stream.

I wrote one email and made a sale already for the coaching certification program.

And you need to get your fanny in that thingy…like today.

So we can talk while I’m in Hawaii.

You get a one-on-one call with me.

I went down to the pool and felt the breeze on my face



The answer to letting go of the resistance to relaxation
Is acceptance.

Pure and utter acceptance of the resistance.

Really giving yourself understanding.

Really giving yourself, myself compassion.

I was thinking during my massage.

And it’s where a lot of my good mindset work is done.

I haven’t done any tapping or any hardcore mindset work.

When in relaxation mode, its a different kind of mindset work you see.

And I was laying there on the table and I thought…

Maybe I’m resisting what wants to come through.

And I just sort of closed my eyes again.

As she pressed the trigger points into my back.

And I just accepted again that I am going to move out of the resistance.

And it is just time to let go.

But, I don’t have to let go completely this second.

I can ease my way in.

I think I’m going to go text that boy again.

Watch die hard.

Eat some popcorn.

And go to sleep…

But this reminds me…

When you want to coach someone through a shift…

It depends on their level of resistance.

If you were to be coaching me right now

You don’t go at it the same way you would if I was in the midst of wanting to make another $20k in my bottom line while in my home of a year plus…

Different fucking ball game.

And if you did talk to me that way, I wouldn’t hear it.

I wouldn’t receive it and I wouldn’t get a shift.

Just like clients.

It depends on where they are at.

What is going on with them in that moment.

And how you approach where they are at .

What they need at that specific time.

Plain and simple.

Want to learn how to know how to relax and make a few thousand dollars a day?

And your hardest work you have to do this week is…
God forbid…work through the resistance to relaxing completely in Hawaii….

We create new problems.

If it’s not financial poverty it’s figuring out how to relax…

Getting your money straight isn’t that big of a fucking deal.

Anyone can do it.

Plain and simple.

Want to get into my coaching program.

And if you want to join a Money Bootcamp as well…

It’s $1997 for each one.

Together $2997

Get it while it’s hot.

And get it while I’m still awake!

Watching Die Hard

Flirting with relaxation.

Wonder how the night will go….

Be a finder.  Not a seeker.

Molly  Sapp

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Molly Sapp


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