I Was So Nervous

So as you all know I started my 5 day challenge this week and I decided to do my livestreams on my business page instead of in my free facebook group.
Molly Sapp LIVE
And I actually was nervous beforehand.
So I wanted to say to all of you guys out there who are nervous about getting out there in front of people that it happens…
We always get nervous.
The key is to just do it.
I told a client this morning right after the livestream.
And if you haven’t seen the livestreams you need to get your booty to my facebook business page and watch it because.
See it here:
Anyways, so I told her that I was nervous about doing livestreams in different places.
Ya, know right after Savina was yelling how she hates facebook because we had to download a bunch of different apps in order to get it going on live…
I giggled.
Why was I nervous?
The same reasons you are…
People will see me..
People will say I don’t know what I’m talking about.
People will say ugly things to me.
People will judge me.
People will make fun of me.
People won’t take me seriously.
People will think that I’m just trying to get attention and I’m a joke…
All that jazz…
I could go into a million bazillion different ways to do mindset work around this but, really honestly…it comes with just taking massive action…
It’s like jumping into the freezing cold pool and dealing with it.
And remember that the freezing cold pool doesn’t immediately get better.
It doesn’t immediately become super warm and comfortable,
I woke up last night after I had fallen asleep with the television on and realized.
“Oh dear god, I have to go live on my business page….”
And I made a committment to one of my coaches that I would go live on my business page like everyday or something like that….
More realistic, I’ll say 5 days a week for a month….
I’ll have Savina hold me to that…if I miss a day I’ll make up for it.
I said do 5 days a week 2x a day but, that feels a bit bunch with being on many calls today. Also, that I’m going to do some mindset work and go meet a girlfriend for dinner.
And I’ve been up since 6:30am.
Good news is that I’m changing back time zones gently…
So I was in Hawaii.
Hawaii is 3 hours behind pacific time, now I’m headed to Vegas tomorrow,  and then I’m going to Miami which is two hours later so it’s not as bad.
I am looking forward to a later time zone given I was born and bred in central time zone…
In other news…
I am totally excited about Vegas, we got this big suite exactly like we did last year and I got some visions there last year that were extremely prophetic. That I will talk about how it feels as though things are changing and shifting…and I just want to thank everyone who has been following me, encouraging me, investing with me and has been committed to getting results with their mindsets day in and day out.
I am really honored and appreciative of all that you all bring to the table.
I also had this moment last night when I was sitting at the kitchen table doing some journaling about the girls who are coming into the next round of my coaching certification program….
I started crying actually because God was showing me some things about these women and I was emotional about it…I’ll explain more later, maybe I’ll get on a livestream and talk about it…maybe not, note to you guys…
Don’t push yourselves too hard.
Especially when you’re traveling and have a ton of things/clients to take care of…
An example…so my coach and I were talking about how I was nervous about being on my business page and she said go live before the end of the month, that was the end of june…well, I didn’t.
But I didn’t because I was stressed about reception, I was packing, I was seeing my girlfriends in Hawaii. I was soaking up all the things that I could, I was taking in as much mental work as I could for other passion projects…and so I decided to start going live where I didn’t have an excuse….during a challenge.
So now, I’m in full speed I have to keep going…it’s strong content, I know what the fuck I’m talking about…
And…AND…I said ONE curse word.  JUST ONE!!!!!
Savina said she didn’t think that “ass” was a curse word.  I’m curious to see if others think it is.
Anyways, God relayed to me that there are a special group of women who are deeply interested in changing women’s lives who really have a deep passionate committment to helping women and that is what my coaching certification is for.
It’s deeply meaningful…I wrote an email the last time I launched this coaching program and I mentioned the first wives club and I was talking about how I had a vision of having women coaching and teaching with me helping them coach…
So anyways…if you are looking to learn how to coach better and become a fully booked out coach who understands mindset on deep deep levels…then hit me up.
We have an amazing program for you!!!
With that being said…Go watch my livestream because it talks about how to manifest $20k months.
Watch here:
And that will be applicable if you want to be a fully booked out coach…
Prizes range from an intensive with me to my products and programs…
Ready Set Go…
Send me a message…
Be a finder.  Not a seeker.
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