My First $20k Month

I honestly don’t remember my first $20k month…


But, I do remember the month that I sat down and did the mindset work thinking,


“Okay I have two weeks left and I need to sell X, Y, Z to bring in $20k and I can do it…I know I can….






I do remember the women sending me private messages saying they had just paid $2k for my program…


And I remember the messages that I received where they said they didn’t have the money.


But they were going to get the money.


I remember the messages where they said they were going to join but, didn’t join.


Where I had to follow up…


More importantly, I remember turning INWARD (Because this is what I teach after all.)


And demanding more of myself…


Demanding that I stop saying to myself I didn’t deserve the money (Aka “I want to join but I don’t have the money…” )



Demanding that I stop saying to myself it’ll happen down the road. (Aka “It’s not the right time for me right now but in six months DEFINITELY…you’re amazing…”)


Demanding that I stop accepting someone is going to show up and then they flake… (Aka “I’m IN! I’m IN!…and then you never hear from them again…)



I knew my potential customers or lack of potential customers was a divine reflection of my own internal beliefs.


And literally…as soon as I got down and did the work.


I faced the demons that said I wasn’t good enough.


That the guy in high school flaking was because I deserved to be flaked on forever…


Once I realized that was ya know…ya know.  WRONG


Sure enough, the ladies started binging me with private messages and within two weeks.


I had another $20k month. Cash received.


I remember the spot on the carpet when I fell to my knees in gratitude that I was able to change my reality.


I remember lying in bed watching Dawson’s Creek doing my mindset work to bring in the $20k months.


And since that moment…I’ve never made less than $20k a month.


With that being said, I’m doing a free challenge “5 Ways To Manifest Consistent $20k months”


At 11:30am CDT this upcoming Monday, July 9th.


Join us.






<<<<<<Manifesting $20k months with One-On-One Clients<<<<<<<<<<


When my business coach told me I need to charge $10k for one-on-one clients.


I literally wanted to crawl into a black hole and stay there.


My high school days of being told I didn’t make honor role.


Or the varsity cheerleading squad…


Less than 7 months into my business


$10k for one-on -one coaching with me????


Me signing $10k clients….




Nothing makes you sweat like thinking about charging an insane amount of money for something you do…


When you’ve never charged money for it.


Am I right or am I right?


And sure enough, I did it. I booked my first $10k within six weeks.


And then I booked more.


I remember listening to Adele’s famous, “Hello”


Watching her music video on YouTube.


After that call with my business coach literally thinking.


“Am I going to remain the girl who didn’t get picked for the softball team?


No Molly you’re putting waaaaaaay too much pressure on yourself…


Just keep listening to Adele…”


And I remember having a click in my brain that I knew…


While listening to Adele…


I’d be landing $10k one on one clients.


That I was going to do it.


That I wasn’t the little dork who couldn’t make any of the sports teams.


Or the dork who couldn’t get the guy.


Or the dork who couldn’t figure out if a guy was into her even when he literally threw his hands in the air yelling,


“I AM SINGLE…” after I said to the person sitting next to me, “I  have to have a man shout that he’s interested in me to get it…”


It was Adele.


And a ton of mindset work.


And after that $10k client (who made an additional $2MM in ten months) and some more mindset work…I never had less than $20k months.


Check out my free challenge “5 Ways To Manifest $20K Consistent Months.”


Click the link



Be a seeker. Not a finder.




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Molly Sapp


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