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” MOLLY KNOWS HER SHIT! That’s how I would describe Molly Sapp. This woman is AMAZING. Her courses are so good they mess with your brain….in a good way. Going through her Bootcamp has been a rollercoaster of emotions. I mostly love her to bits and on some days I hate her with a passion. All because her exercises make me aware of my blocks and have me  face the things I would rather stay buried deep down in depths of my soul. I love this woman so much. I’m so grateful to have her as a virtual coach.”.


Thank you SO much for you generosity and for being so real.



  • Nicole Woodriffe


“ I LOVE your EFT course! I love your take on it and I’ve had several huge

shifts with it. Old beliefs were being exorcised from my body with lots of

ugly crying. It makes so much sense!


Anyway…here goes…


‘Molly teaches EFT like no one else. The technique she demonstrates in her

EFT course took me through a deep transformation and cleared several deep

emotional blocks. I could FEEL the old beliefs leaving my body. She’s

taught me to embrace the dark to see the light.”


Love the way you do things X.



  • Kathryn B.


“ I could write a three page long post about how amazing, intuitive and on point Molly is as a coach. I had never hired a coach before and while I had friends coach me informally, I knew Molly’s approach was different. From watching her first livestream to enrolling in her money bootcamp, and then mastermind and then another bootcamp I have committed to investing in Molly because every single live stream she has given is 150% golden and worth $10k minimum. No joke! Her insights are just mind blowing to the point where your beliefs were messed up as mines were.


No one else in the personal development space gives as much premium content and value and honesty that’s raw and powerful. While I followed a lot of big name people in the personal development space, it wasn’t until working with Molly that I truly received and shifted massively in terms of self-awareness, receiving opportunities and money beliefs.  Molly has provided me the foundation and tools to recognize my own limiting beliefs quickly and guided me to my own path. She’s helped me quickly shift out of my old poverty mindset and led me to a new level of wealth. With her guidance and coaching, I finally manifested a course I had been stuck trying to develop for two years. And with her trainings and support, I came away with a tangible business plan and strategy to reach the next stage of my business.


If it wasn’t for Molly, I would be stuck in my old programming wondering why I was miserable and not getting any results. She’s taught me how to be more in tune with my natural self and share and teach what I’ve been itching to do for the last two years.


Molly has the rare gift of being so deeply in tune with each person to know when something’s going on. Her instinct is so natural and on point- it’s mind blowing. and the honesty has helped me get out of my own fear of self-expression. And more importantly, she knows how to teach something so high level but break it down in smaller chunks that anyone can quickly learn and connect the lesson to their own experiences.


No words or testimonial will be enough to express my sincerest appreciation and gratitude for having Molly as a coach- she doesn’t sugarcoat the truth and that’s what I love about her. Her raw truth and honesty has taken me out of my comfort zone into a place where I can freely express myself. Everyone regardless of whether they have a job and want to pursue entrepreneurship, get clarity in their life, take their business to the next level wil want to hire Molly after watching her live streams. She’s so damn good that you’ll regret not having her as a coach. Trust me on that from someone who’s spent years studying growth, personal development, systems, business and more. From someone like me who’s obsessively tried to advance their career, develop a side hustle, backwards money programming and more and sought more and more – I learned very fast from working with Molly and watching her trainings.”



  • Jean Pak


“ I wasn’t even started in my business yet.  Now I have finally launched. Molly’s program gave me the confidence to let go and not be perfect and take action.   Yippee!!!! Money Bootcamp helped me with my relationships and being more honest with my family and getting past my fears of my parents.  Also, Money Bootcamp helped me see that my fears/blocks were really things that weren’t true and how to get over them more quickly and easily.  Really what I wanted is to make new connections with people first who I knew would be able to help me get clients when I first launched and that has happened.  Also, I wanted to change my friendship circle and gain mentors who were really successful but easily relatable to and all that has happened. Molly Sapp is incredible to work with and the results of the program and other FREE stuff she shares, your life absolutely changes in ALL facets of your life and NOT just business.  Now I am gaining momentum and headed towards 6 figures. I wish I could give a before and after picture of my mind. LMAO.


Also, I was given the EFT course and Journaling course with the bootcamp but for some reason accidentally deleted the email.  Would you please resend me my link so I can hop on. I tried to contact support the other day, but never heard back.”


Melissa Kath


“ I’d been hearing a lot about money blocks and learning from Molly’s lives and I wanted to make sure I was not sitting in a deep pit of blind spots so in an effort to pave a lucrative path for my business I decided that her Boot Camp was a hells-yes do. Before camp, I was feeling a ton of confusion about what business model I wanted to pursue and Molly shed light that until your blocks are attended to you may be putting efforts toward business activities which are not even correct for you. During camp I learned how to energetically align myself with the woman I wanted to become financially. I learned about the other blocks I had and how to overcome them or intentionally move past them. I do not know if I would have been able to move past one of the big ones without having this awareness,which is how people get stuck so easily. During camp I received extreme clarity on what direction I should move toward and then felt called to immediately launch a group program, my own group for remarkable woman who want to source their soulmates, quickly. I was able to book 50% more people than goal for my pilot program. I have not stopped having an extreme flow of clients and referrals since I took this Molly’s camp. I’ll be working with Molly the next time I need to get this thing to another level again. I also witnessed some other really powerful breakthroughs in the women who took camp with me, and I was thinking, it’s a damn good thing she said yes to this camp, too. Thanks Molly. Love ya. “



  • Megan Weks.


“ Before I found Molly, I had no idea what mindset work was all about. I knew I needed goals and strategies, but I had no idea that I needed to clear out feelings from my past about money before I could move forward.

I was stressing myself out trying to do more and more and it just wasn’t working. Once she showed me that I was hanging on to beliefs from my past and that I could clear them and reset, I changed my whole approach.  I am connecting to my audience in ways I never would have thought of before. Resources and ideas are coming more easily and I have so much less stress around creating my empire. I am full of excitement and creativity. I am so thankful for the education I have received since Molly crossed my path.”



  • Ashley Diamond


“ Molly is a genuine, no bullishit yet caring coach who’s intuitive and truly an inspiration. She has genuinely helped me discover my blocks and given me guidance and advice on how to shift them. While I still have a long way to go, I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. I got so much out of the bootcamp and I continuing to move closer to my goals each day with the tools that Molly has taught me. She provides a safe place where you can share your inner thoughts that normally you wouldn’t even share with your partner or best friend. I have grown so much through her teachings and I’m truly thankful for everything she’s done for me.     


I give you permission to share whatever you like in this email. I hope this helps you.”



  • Charlotte Lockhart


“ Molly literally ROCKED MY WORLD!

I started working with Molly by joining her VIP money boot camp in October. I wanted to work with her so badly that I combined my VA benefits and FAFSA to work with her. I was a stay at home mom and life coaching while my husband worked. I had tried manifesting cash before but never quite understood the blocks I had to receiving $ and felt kinda left out by following other coaches who were all positive affirmations and law of attraction teachers. Molly wanted me to look at all of my resistance and heal them… “okay….” I thought to myself… By November I found a check in the mail for over 6K and I now receive an additional 3k every month with no sweat on my back! I was floored. After that additional money came in my family could breath again.

By December I had been doing so much mindset work to release my resistance to money that I opened up my psychic/spiritual gifts and found out I am a medium, and have been developing that gift ever since.

On January 2018 I wanted to really vamp up my manifesting process, so I asked for each months income to double in my business starting with 1k and so on. Low and behold I am granted $1900 in January and over 4k in February ALL FREE MONEY. In February my business made $500 as well! So, now in March I’m asking for 8K from God and 1K in my business. Who can say they started a business and had the financial ability to watch it grow with money continually coming in from all of these seemingly unknown sources with a family and one spouse working and one staying at home?

It’s all thanks to Molly for going deep AF in every session and lesson.

She was literally an answered prayer. If it weren’t for her I have no idea who I would be right now or how my business would be doing.

Molly is hands down The BEST mindset coach. She has taught me SO much, and I will be forever grateful 💗”



  • April K.



“ Before I started working with Molly Sapp, I was scared to death about my psychic gifts (and how to integrate them into my business) and also scared to sign clients at higher prices in my business.


Through her tapping and mindset coaching, she helped me see how I was making it so much more complicated than it needed to be.


She helped me get out of my own way and as a result… 2 months after quitting my full time job, I had my first 3k month and month 3, I tripled that and had my first 9k month.


This was all in year 2 of my business! Nowadays, I’m no longer scared of my psychic gifts and I sign clients all of the time.


I highly recommend Molly for any newbie looking to get over what’s keeping them stuck. Her no nonsense approach is the perfect mix of loving ass kickery to get your butt in the game.”



  • Emily C.


“ Molly changed my life. I had watched a few of her livestreams and really resonated with what she had to say. When the next bootcamp opened up, I knew I had to be in. We worked through some big stuff — weird beliefs I didn’t even know I had, especially around work and money. In our work together I had a big breakthrough that lead to a 10k profit in 2 weeks. If that sounds like a one-off, it wasn’t. I track all my sales by month, and looking back on last year, the numbers don’t lie. February and March were my best months by far. When I was in bootcamp. Her approach is loving, but direct and truthful. She’s not going to let you get away with lying to yourself. If you give into the process, and commit yourself fully, she’ll change your life too.”


Massive fucking love 🙂




  • Katie F.



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Molly Sapp


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