One Reason Your Clients Are Not Getting Results

If I could seriously tell you guys what’s been going on in my love life.


You’d be laughing your ass off…


Oh, dear god.


This is a lesson about manifestation.


Hard core manifestation.


I need to write a fucking book on this shit.


So here’s one of the biggest things you will find in getting your client’s results.


It’s unseen and unheard.


And it’s not the easiest to spot.


Are you ready?


So say your client wants to make a lot of money.


She’s been dreaming of it.


Thinking about it.


Fantasizing about it.


Planning it.


Doing the work.


And well…


It gets to the heat of the moment.


Of the sales.


And she can’t sell to save her life.


Or she’s been fantasizing about getting a man.


She’s going on dates.

She’s been talking about how horny she is.


She’s ready to go.


And she keeps dodging all the men coming at her.


And a lot of men are coming at her.


And/or she keeps talking about losing weight.


And wanting the hot body.


And thinking about the hot body.


But when it comes down to it…


She’s stuffing her face with doughnuts and not telling you about it.


And then blaming you for her lack of results.


The reason for this:


It’s better in her head than it is in reality.


And she knows it.


And she fears the disappointment that comes with the fact that it’s better in her head.




So the reality is…


She doesn’t really want it.


If we really think about it…


If things are constantly better in our minds; then what is the point.

We would have to accept that life can’t be that great.


And/or our visualization and mindset work actually isn’t that great.


And we are screwed in terms of being able to manifest the dream life we want.


Or at least we think so…


And of course, you’ll have that client.


Say you don’t know what the hell you are talking about.


They actually do want it.


They aren’t afraid it’s better in their heads.


They had it before and there isn’t a difference.


You can’t help them.


They don’t know why they aren’t getting results.


It’s a bit annoying because quite honestly it’s so obvious to me.


I had another client in a bootcamp say she was done chasing money.


She could never seem to get the money she wanted.


She couldn’t figure out why.


I said to her…


“Ya know, this reminds me of me in high school…


I would be so adamant about getting a boyfriend.


And I would visualize it daily.


And pray for it.


And it never happened.


And I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why…


And then I realized after studying this stuff intensely for years.


That having the captain of the football team as my boyfriend.


Definitely wasn’t as good as the image I had in my head.


And the feeling of the pursuit was way more exciting than they actual reality of dating the guy.


Because quite honestly.


The captain of the football team or whatever position he played.


Ended up having a very small penis .


Lasted less than 5 minutes, more like 3.


And was a drunk.


And it would have felt like I saved my virginity for THAT.


Seven seconds of passion.


That would have only been on his end.


I’ll go into this more later.


But you need to know this with clients.


Because the stubborn ones will have this issue.


The higher level earners will have this issue.


They will argue til the cows come home about it.


And there are ways you have to go about convincing them.


Because it’s usually the one big thing that is keeping them from manifesting it.


There are various reasons behind this.


And this I will discuss in my coaching certification program.


Want to learn how to handle this.


And how to say it.


So your client gets results


And can actually start to create it the result better in real life than in their minds.


Get into my coaching certification program.


And I’ve decided to add the money bootcamp as well…


It starts July 15th.


So if you want to do both, which I recommend you do…


Let me know.


Below is the outline for the coaching certification.

Here is the things you will learn…

-how to attract million dollar clients

-how to have a booked out one on one coaching practice

-how to use a methodology that continuously gets powerful results on autopilot

-how to not take on your client’s results as your issues so they get results and rave about you

-how to have clients adore you

-how to still have a fully booked schedule even when you eff up royally

-how to understand the subconscious on the deepest level

-how to empower people in such a way that changes them at their core

-how to understand why the potential client hasn’t gotten results and how you can know that you know they will get results working with you

-how to use your message in this methodology you will learn to change the world

-how to tune into your own spiritual gifts that separate you from all other coaches

-how to own your value so you command the prices you want that people are throwing their credit cards at you

-how to stop the constant spiritual seekers and help them become finders.

Among other things…

And here is the details of the program….

6 weeks.

14 girls maximum.

2 group calls a week

–A one on one call with me where I record it and break down what I am asking you and why I’m asking you this….this call will be viewed by everyone in the group for studying purposes

–One group call will be me coaching you for 10 min and explaining why I’m asking the questions I’m asking…

–One group call will be you discussing what you have learned and integrated into your own coaching skills…

–Practice partners (either you will be linked up with someone or we will find you someone to practice coaching so you can bring the work back…)

–You will be coaching at least one person a week…

–Private facebook group for accountability and questions

–A lesson from me a week

–Explanations of the top blocks and patterns I see as well.

Bonus:  A day with me in person, super casual, we meet up wherever the hell I’m at..and we discuss whatever the hell you want…and no, you don’t have to be here for this if you can’t make it.


Oh…email us if you want details about the money bootcamp.


Be a finder.  Not a seeker.




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