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Why you should choose a mindset coach before you hire an online business coach….


I might piss off some business coaches right now.


But quite honestly I don’t give a fuck.


I just realized I’m about to go on a rant.


And I haven’t done a rant in quite a while.


So here goes…


I have had at least 50 women come to me either they are clients in one of my bootcamps.


Or high level clients.


Or people who cannot afford my services.


Saying things like,


“Well, I couldn’t get this result…”


“My client isn’t getting results…”


Well, no shit sherlock…because if your head isn’t in the game then you’re fucked.


Plain and simple.


I find it hilarious when business coaches try to pose as mindset coaches.


Especially when they have made a lot of money.


And can manifest things quickly.


But then shit falls apart within a year…


And then they claim they can manifest it all…


Yea sexy.


Let me tell you something about great mindset coaches…


They have fucking issues.


And just because they may not be making the kind of money that some business coaches who claim to have it all do…


Doesn’t mean they aren’t great mindset coaches.  


It’s all sort of laughable to me.


And then there’s the mindset coaches that can’t figure out how to get a client results because they don’t know what the fuck they are doing either.


But what really just kinda makes me want to say, “Duh, why the fuck are you even asking me why you aren’t getting results or why your clients aren’t getting results…”


Is because it’s all mindset.


It’s all mindset.


If you pay attention to any high level business coaches…


They say it was mindset that got them there.


Not their business sense.


Not their business strategy.


Their fucking mindset.


Are they going to go into a ton of depth of the level of work they did on their mindset…


Like reeeeeeeeally deep depth…


If not, I’d be weary.


Because it’s one thing to have manifested a bunch of shit quickly within a 5 year period


Than it is to actually have studied personal development for 20 years…


Vastly different.




There’s a thing called the manifestation ceiling.


Where people who study manifesting will reach a certain point and then whatever mindset work they were doing doesn’t work to get them to that next level.


It’s like an income ceiling…


And those “mindset coaches” who think their shit doesn’t stink don’t understand how to teach someone how to break through that.


It also gives you an edge as a mindset coach to know how to handle that.


That’s why you need to join my coaching certification program.


July 23rd.


And the dozens of people that say,


“If I would have just hired you, Molly first before I hired that business coach…”


“I am now seeing the results I’ve been working so hard for, for 10 years because I’ve actually started working with you…”  


Well, it’s mindset.


So if you hired a business coach…hate to break it to ya, but good luck.


If your mindset sucks.


Plain and simple.


Want to be able to be that business coach or other type of service provider who actually knows what to do and can actually really help your clients get results…


Join my coaching certification program.

We start July 23rd.


Oh, P.S. I did a livestream in my free facebook group, high performance female on how to attract your first ten one on one clients…


I’ll send out another email about that later.


Here are the details about the coaching certification program…


Here is the things you will learn…

-how to attract million dollar clients


-how to have a booked out one on one coaching practice


-how to use a methodology that continuously gets powerful results on autopilot


-how to not take on your client’s results as your issues so they get results and rave about you


-how to have clients adore you


-how to still have a fully booked schedule even when you eff up royally


-how to understand the subconscious on the deepest level


-how to empower people in such a way that changes them at their core


-how to understand why the potential client hasn’t gotten results and how you can know that you know they will get results working with you


-how to use your message in this methodology you will learn to change the world


-how to tune into your own spiritual gifts that separate you from all other coaches


-how to own your value so you command the prices you want that people are throwing their credit cards at you


-how to stop the constant spiritual seekers and help them become finders.


Among other things…

And here is the details of the program….


6 weeks.


14 girls maximum.


2 group calls a week


–a one on one call with me where I record it and break down what I am asking you and why I’m asking you this….this call will be viewed by everyone in the group for studying purposes


–one group call will be me coaching you for 10 min and explaining why I’m asking the questions I’m asking…


–one group call will be you discussing what you have learned and integrated into your own coaching skills…


–practice partners (either you will be linked up with someone or we will find you someone to practice coaching so you can bring the work back…)


–you will be coaching at least one person a week…


–private facebook group for accountability and questions


–a lesson from me a week


–explanations of the top blocks and patterns I see as well.

Bonus:  a day with me in person, super casual, we meet up wherever the hell I’m at…and we discuss whatever the hell you want…and no, you don’t have to be here for this if you can’t make it.

Message me if you want the link. 

I will see you on the inside. 

Be a finder, not a seeker. 

Molly Sapp


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