Pricing Your Services

Need any help getting clarity on how to price your services???


People ask me this all the time…


Want me to go through this…


Okay here we go…


I’ll use me as an example…


Check out the benefits of working with me…


What do you think each one of these benefits are worth…


You tell me what you think my services are worth


And then tell me the benefits of your services and what you think they are worth and why that is….


Here are some of the benefits to working with me….


-Clarity and understanding of why you hold yourself back

-Understanding of the depth of what goes on in the back of your mind

-Understanding of how to do your own mindset work to make your own money

-Weight loss unexpectedly without trying

-Finding the love of your life and having the relationship that people envy

-Feeling safe to become ridiculously successful

-Removing the guilt that has been with you for probably the majority of your life

-Letting your hair down and exploring the truth of who you really are where you feel empowered to create things you never knew you could

-Attracting amazing friendships with people you really dream of

-Getting out of toxic dynamics that are holding you back

-Being able to confront people and situations where you once felt very scared and intimidated

-learning how to cope with feelings of insecurity and doubt and come up

-Understanding why you aren’t making sales and what you need to do to close sales

-Understanding why you need to do to create better relationships with your family and friends and clients

-Knowing how to deal with intense overwhelm where you take massive action versus paralysis

-Knowing the secrets behind why you know what to do but you just aren’t doing it

-Knowing how to get out of depressing cycles of poverty, singleness, emotional overeating

-How to play more in life and you actually do it  

-How to have more fun and you actually do it

-Improving your marriage where there is less fighting and deeper intimacy and connection

-Feeling powerful and comfortable to put your message out into the world

-Understanding how you sabotage yourself and how to prevent it from happening

-Knowing how to you come across with your energy and how that impacts your ability to make more money, make more connection, make more beautiful memories

-Having the confidence to stand up to people that have beaten you down in life


Now for each one of these…what does that really do for you?


How much is that worth to you…


Be a finder.  Not a seeker.




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Molly Sapp


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