Scarcity Is A Seductive Spirit

Good morning everyone!


I’m laying here on a couch at the Houstonian spa…outdoors on this luxurious big pillow with a plush dark brown blanket wrapped in a warm magical spa robe…you know how yummy they feel. And I’m about to go get back in the steam room and jacuzzi…


Or rather just take a nap right here…the view is gorgeous, big thin trees almost as tall as the sky…little brown babbling brook with a small waterfall, but thick tree trunks with branches that reach out over the split road that leads to the very prestigious entrance to this place.  With of course the high end luxury cars driving past where you can literally feel the money in the way they drive. And the vibration they give off even from 100 ft away. With the gardeners tending and the waitstaff coming by every five minutes to make sure there is no trash or any used towels anywhere in sight.  You have a towel you used for literally just getting out of the pool…no baby girl…you get a new plush towel. And the beautiful cool breeze just brushed my leg. And a yellow leaf just fell from a tree very peacefully, while I look to the left of me in the window is a woman getting a manicure that’s easily worth $10MM and has lived with money for a while, we are talking old money, you can tell just by the way she gets a manicure…this, my friend, is Houston, Tx.  just one side of it.


I walked in this morning and the Houstonian spa has been on the Forbes list as the fourth best spa in the country…I nodded my head impressed.  


It of course got me thinking about abundance…being here makes me think about abundance.  Duh! Right? And what came up was, you don’t have to be sitting by a beautiful spa to feel abundant.  It does help significantly, I’m not going to lie.


But just as easily as you can feel abundant at an abundant place, you can STILL feel scarcity, poverty stricken at an abundant place. It can actually trigger your poverty mindset weirdly enough.  How do you know the difference?


Look at how you feel…poverty, I heard (it must have been God) yesterday, “Poverty is a SEDUCTIVE spirit…” It really is.  It sucks you in by the smallest thing and before you know you are in a downward spiral that you can’t get out of because everything you look at triggers not having enough.  Not getting out of the cycle.


How am I going to get out of this?


That helplessness…


I’ve been there. I get it.


It’s a dark energy.


And there’s a piece of you that feels weirdly comfortable in it.


And poverty…this seductive spirit, actually is about outward external sight.


Abundance…internal, inward sight.  Inward KNOWINGNESS, INWARD CERTAINTY




No offense on the CAPS. But I’m serious…


I’m going to be talking about abundance over the next few days…


Abundance versus scarcity…


Because ultimately that’s what it all comes down to…


God even said in the Bible…


“I’ve set before you life and death.  Choose life.”


Life is abundance.  


Choose abundance.


Be a finder.  Not a seeker.




P.S.  The FU Money Bootcamp is starting soon…join, because duh! It’s me.  🙂


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