The $40MM Offer

Here it goes…


Okay so I’m working with my writing partner right now and I’m working on the mindset work.


And well, I want to make $40MM/year for my lifestyle…


And I just decided that I’m going to be putting that kind of high level mindset work in the Money Bootcamp for this round.  


Now this is a ONE TIME special offer for those in the Money Bootcamp


And this is added bonus that will either


  1. Never be available ever again because of how sick it is (in a good way.)




  1. Priced at a minimum of $5,000 for this information.  (And no, I won’t be involved. It’ll just be the lessons.)


I’m leaving this opportunity up for the next 48 hours.


After the 48 hours, the opportunity to do the Money Bootcamp will be removed….




I have had people say they wish they could “afford” the Money Bootcamp but can’t…


So if you want just the lessons and to listen to the calls from this round of the money bootcamp…


The investment will be $497.


See link here:




Follow me on all mother fucking platforms….see the icons below


Be a finder.  Not a seeker.



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Molly Sapp


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