Lesson one….The Rich Person Within

This is where we are going to dive deeply into what it means to FIND AND BE that abundant person within…this means you are no longer going to be acting like a poor angry bitter victim of money…

You are going to start walking in the steps of the who knows how to bring in thousands of dollars a day.


(P.s. if you are making six figures a month or more, this still applies to you in the sense that you are blocking money from you if you are not making the kind of money you want to be making…there is ALWAYS a higher version of the wealthy woman within you….)

There is a wealthy person within you that knows EXACTLY what you need to do to be them…

Who knows what your daily mindset work needs to be. (it’s different for everyone actually)

Who knows what blocks are actually needed to work on.

Who knows how to heal her money issues. (but not stupid enough to try to do it on their own and waste years being broke and miserable…)

Who knows how to take control and manifest what they want.

Who knows what investments they need to make despite what the bank accounts say.

We will be diving deeply into really finding the deep details of this person inside of you…I will be giving your customized mindset work and exercises to do so you can tune into them easily and effortlessly at any time, even in a period where you are scared shitless of making an investment, of spending a new level of money…etc etc etc

Is that not the sexiest thing you have heard?

Lesson two…The EMBODIMENT mindset of an abundance

(The classic money blocks that wealthy people KNOW are bullshit and how they think about them…)



Classic money blocks that will be included are:

-Charging too low.

-Charging too high and not making sales.

-Worthiness bullshit.

-Afraid to make money because of fear of responsibility.

-Don’t want to work because of partner or parents takes care of shit.

-Wanting to make money for the wrong reasons.

-Wanting to make money to “prove.”

-Secretly not wanting to make money.

-Being a snob towards rich people.

-Thinking money is not spiritual.

-Afraid to commit to the responsibility of handling money.

-Not feeling like that rich person.

-Wanting to hold onto self loathing more deeply than anything else.

-Wanting to be connected to your childhood despite the fact that it was so shitty.

-Acting all “holier than thou” around other rich people but, never actually “get it” about what it MEANS to make serious cash.

-Denial, denial, denial about your resistance to massive cash flow.

All these we will be covering and there will be a step-by-step process we go through to help you go through these blocks separately to release them while staying in the wealthy mindset and body.

-This is where you EMBODY the mindset of a person who has let go completely of their money blocks…

Who knows how they used to think about money and walks, talks, thinks, and moves the speed of someone who has completely let go of those money stories.

If that isn’t enough…we are going further…

Lesson Three: Handling money-the classic pitfalls and fears of handling a lot of money…

-Mentally how to deal with taxes (how to be grateful for them and be EXCITED TO PAY MORE…yes it is possible.)

-How to decide to not give all your money away to your friends and family…how to have those proper boundaries already in place so you don’t worry and block yourself from more money.

-Handling the shame of past spending fuck ups: debt, credit scores, owing parents, friends, banks money…big purchases for your business that failed.

-Toxic money and how to completely get rid of it.

-The whole mental interaction with accountants, bookkeepers, opening bills, paying bills.

-The “Secret small actions of responsibility” you need to be taking with your money that ensure money growth but, do not slow you down.

Lesson Four – Family money- How to look at your family and the way you were raised around money in a different perspective…

-How to stop saying to yourself that you can never be wealthy because of your family and the way you were raised.

-How to stop bitching about your lack of money because of the way you were raised.

-How to let go of fears and blocks of worrying over completely separating yourself from your family and friends with massive wealth.

-How to shake off the fears of having too much “good” in your life when you have been so used to chaos from the way you were raised.

-How to KNOW when you are creating “money drama” in order to avoid taking action or working or fearing something in your life changing because of money.

-How to recognize when you’re in a money slump, why you’re creating the drama and how to pull yourself out of it.

-How to find the patterns of the way you manifest money and be able to shift so you are manifesting massive increase without any extra work.

Lesson Five- “Never enough…” When it creeps in even when you are acting like your wealthy you know you are…

This is for those who are making a lot of money or want to make a lot of money but, consistently run into the “It’s never enough…” voice.

-What is this voice really?

-How to really completely turn it off?

-How to know what is really going on underneath the surface and how it is NOT about not having enough…

-What steps you need to do in order to shift this completely.

Lesson Six– “Receiving money”


This is where we are going to cover the spiritual and emotional aspects of receiving money.

It’s one thing to do all this mindset work but to actually RECEIVE it is a completely different story

We walk through what it is like to receive money

We do specific exercises to FEEL and SEE and KNOW the money is coming in and the decision to receive the money…

We will also cover the blocks to “reeling it in”

You know this…the period where you feel like you’re just about to hit a breakthrough….

You say things like this but it never manifests the way you want it to….

-“It’s too good to be true.”

-“They said they were going to buy but then they vanished.”

-“I can’t seem to get more momentum after my first sale and/or I can’t seem to take action.”

-“I keep running into problem after problem.”

-“I had 10 discovery calls and didn’t close one.”

-“I don’t think I have any blocks but I have been working on making money for several months…”

-I am doing much better and I have made headway but I’m still not where I want to be.”

-“I’m so close to where I want to be…”

-“If I could just sign that damn client…or fill that group program or….”

How this is going to go…

2 group calls a week (1 hour) -includes one on one coaching with me in a small group setting

Private facebook group where you have access to ask me questions and

I give you customized mindset exercises catered to you.



If you have any questions or want the combo link for message me!


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