So I did a livestream today about what it really means when you are launching group programs and masterminds.

When you haven’t sold out your one-on-one coaching packages yet…

So check the video below:


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With that being said.

There’s been this intuitive lead to discuss getting clients results.

And I’m not quite there yet in terms of talking about it but, I’ll get into that tomorrow or the next day so be looking out for that. 

Right now what’s coming up in my spirit.

Is to explain how important it is to not just look at changing your beliefs. 

Or your behaviors. 

My methodology talks a lot about this and if you haven’t watched my methodology livestream or got the new guide we just created get it here: 

Link to my methodogy video: https://www.facebook.com/MollySappLive/videos/392618547815147/

Go to mollysapp.com to get my guide.

Anyways, in there I discuss the importance of the transformational patterns…

It doesn’t mean shit if you are looking at your beliefs and changing them…

If you don’t believe in change. 

And you’re not ready to change. 

Or you’re too scared to actually change…

It doesn’t mean shit. 

It means you’re basically just seeking. 

And not finding. 

It means you’re spending thousands of dollars on coaching and not getting the results you want.

It means you’re pissed off and you’re, “grateful but frustrated” that you are not where you want to be. 

It means you think you are just around the corner from having everything you want. 

And you’ve probably been thinking that for years and years.

Or you’re secretly afraid of being the one that is on the brink for years and years…

I know, I’ve been there. 

It sucks. 

Hard core. 

Transformational patterns. 

You can’t change (transform) unless you BELIEVE you can transform. 

You can’t transform unless you feel SAFE to transform. 

Meaning you aren’t scared its going to rip your family apart. 

You aren’t scared it’s going to turn you into a total bitch. 

You aren’t scared something bad is going to happen to you. 

You are safe. 

If you don’t feel safe to transform, you won’t. 

This also goes back to the beliefs. 

But then again, you can’t change beliefs, if you don’t believe you can transform. 

Think about it. 

What are your beliefs, your REAL BELIEFS about transforming…

What do you think about it? 

When have you transformed? 

What do you think about that? 

How has that affected your ability or your thoughts about your ability to transform NOW? 

Want to learn how to coach others to get transformation, like legit transformation…

Coaching certification program starts July 23rd. 

Get in while you can. 

Even if you aren’t wanting to be a coach, the coaching certification is a much more in depth place to really begin to understand your blocks and how to release them on a deep, deep level.  

Join us. 

Message me for the link and details.


FYI, we are doing our next challenge the first week of July.

And it’s going to be “5 Different Ways To Manifest Your Consistent $20k months.”

Be a finder.  Not a seeker. 


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