What Is The Point In Having Money If

I watched the first episode of Billions last night


I’ve watched the show loosely a few times


And I have heard people talk about it over and over again


And the line I remember most from watching that show was this…


“But then again, what’s the point in having fuck you money if you never say fuck you?”


If you haven’t heard about my new FU money bootcamp, that’s where the idea came from….


I went ahead and watched the show again…


And I was like “Woah! This show is mindset and business, mindset and business…”


And it got me thinking about you guys…


The more I talk to all of you it’s this:


You love money but you you never feel like you have enough.


Coming from a multi six figure business and seeing 7 figure business owners as clients…


You’re right…you’re never going to have enough money


Unless you get your head together and stop letting it rule you.


Period the end.


The pilot episode which was the one I watched…


It showed very clear, so uber specific examples of why people, like you stay in the cycle of “loving money but never having enough…”


So clear.  


I have made the executive decision that one of the most important pieces of this FU money bootcamp is dissecting characters in this show Billions…and other films that deal with money.


I’m notorious for watching movies and FINDING massive breakthroughs through them.


As well as knowing how to be so on point with “hitting the nail on the head”  (I get that told to me by clients at least 10x a week….honestly….)


It’s really honestly….because of movies.  


Billions explains WHY you’re still in the “not enough cycle”

Want to know WHY?


Want to know what the fuck to do about it?


Want to stop feeling like you’re fucked around money?


Want to stop be able to say to someone who is trying to fuck you over or has fucked you over in the past….


“But then again, what’s the point in having fuck you money if you never say fuck you?”


See what your thoughts are on this quote.


It’ll tell you a lot about where your head is at about money.  And your lack of money.


Want to get the hell out of this dynamic?


I thought so.


The FU money bootcamp starts October 22nd.  


What will you learn:


-Why you’re stuck in the cycle of “never enough”  


-Why you’re feeling like you’re getting fucked around, around money and how to stop it.


-And make shit loads of money, like FU money…


-Why you’re ALLOWING yourself to get fucked around, around money and how to stop it.


-How to manage your money so you actually make MORE MONEY just by adjusting a few things…very tiny small things (no matter how much money you have…little or much…)


-The REAL reasons you’re in debt….and can’t get out of it.  


-More importantly,  HOW to get out of debt, by using mindset work, so strongly that debt can “accidentally” disappear… (LEGALLY and Yes this can happen!)


-How to watch MOVIES and TV shows and get your breakthroughs instead of groundbreaking 9/5 jobs and penny pinching at even the grocery store, eyeing the expensive things and wishing you could pull your head out of your ass and be a different richer version of yourself…Yes we are talking watching NETFLIX TO MAKE MORE MONEY.


And much more…


I have to go and watch Netflix…


Stop letting money fuck you around


And instead…


For the love of god…


Give yourself the opportunity to say to the dumbfucks you have fucked you around….


“But then again, what’s the point in having fuck you money if you can never say fuck you…”


I’m fucking done seeing you people get fucked around…


The question is:  Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired of being fucked around with money…???  


Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired of fucking YOURSELF AROUND WITH MONEY?


God I hope so.


Make a decision.


Are you in or are you out?


Be a seeker.  Not a finder.




P.S.  message me for the link to the FU money bootcamp.   

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Molly Sapp


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