What It FELT Like Manifesting My First Few Consistent $20K

My parents always taught me that it’s weird to talk about money.
So, it feels putting this out there to a world that may or may not have heard or seen me.
If you don’t know me, My, name is Molly and I’m a mindset strategist (if you’ve seen Billions. I’m that chick who the Axle dude goes to…except for female entrepreneurs…)
If you haven’t seen Billions…immediately following reading this post, go watch Billions.
You’ll thank me later.
Anyways, I was never super successful.
I was always known as “mediocre who had the potential to be really successful but, never applied herself…”
That stung.
And then one night I stumbled upon a YouTube video talking about how to make money online.
And I remember thinking I was going to finally get the opportunity to do something great.
I had the goal of being able to make $20k months and work less than 20 hours a week with so much ease it would seem obnoxious to some…
And well, I remember the moments, the rush of adrenaline when I saw the sales coming through.
I remember what it felt like when I took the deep breath in when I received messages from women all over the world thanking me for the amazing work I do.
I remember the looks on my parent’s faces when suddenly out of nowhere their daughter who had so much potential but, didn’t do much…
Started earning $20k, $30k, $40k months and traveling all over the place, working very little hours in such a short period of time.
My mother’s exact words were, “You had us all fooled you little stinker…I mean, you just came up out of nowhere, I will never have any doubt about you accomplishing anything…I believe it when you say it now.”
The reality is…she believes it because I believe it about myself now.
That’s what I teach.
But after my little sob story that makes me well up with almost embarrassing tears because the feelings that came from my first $20k cash months…
I wanted to share my thoughts on the mindset work that was needed for me to manifest the $20k months…
So, I am currently on a flight from Hawaii back to LA, weeping with my Prosecco at 10am in some time zone…not sure which one…
And well, my FREE CHALLENGE…
FYI (my challenges are BURSTING with DEEEEEEEEEEEP content, the results that have come out of my FREE content is really spectacular, so I highly recommend getting in on this…)
We start Monday!
11:30AM CDT I will be LIVE on MOLLY SAPP LIVE.
See the link below:


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